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80% Waveless Waterbed Mattress With Safety Liner, Heater and Fill Kit

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This waterbed mattress is very popular and it will give that traditional waterbed feel. Sleep like more comfortable your worth it.
This waterbed mattress is very popular and it will give that traditional waterbed feel. Sleep like more comfortable your worth it.Waveless waterbed mattress with three layers of fiber which reduces movement to about 7 seconds which still gives you that traditional waterbed feel with out to much movement. This mattress package also includes a waterbed safety which is important.Waterbed Heater for king queen and super single hardside water bedsStand up safety liner is designed to catch water if you ever had a puncture or due to spillage. Every waterbed should have a safety liner.Waterbed Fill kits will make you life easy when it comes to hooking your hose to your sink and to the waterbed mattress.This package includes a 4oz bottle of premium waterbed conditioner. Most waterbed mattress manufactures say to add 4oz every six months.Waterbed Access has your waterbed needs covered. If you have any questions just contact Waterbed Access via email or call anytime.
MSRP: $350.00
Price: $249.71
You Save: $100.29 (29 %)
In stock for fast service.
Manufacturer: U.S. Water, Calesco
Manufacturer Part No: US80wvlslinerhtrfkcd
Condition: New
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80% Wave-less Waterbed Mattress 
with Safety Liner, Heater, Fill Kit & Conditioner

      The 80% semi waveless waterbed mattress is filled with 3 layers of soft contour fiber to increase comfort and support.
This mattress will contour to your body with about 5-7 seconds of movement. It was designed to give you that original waterbed feel that still has movement but not as much as free flow or a basic 1 layer semi wave mattress.
Very comfortable with high quality construction.
Mattress is made in the U.S. with 100% virgin vinyl and nice reinforced corners.
All the internals are connected together to help prevent shifting and sliding so it will maintain a high comfort level for many years.

      This mattress package includes the mattress, liner, heater and fill kit with conditioner.
Available in all three sizes including California King 72 x 84, Queen 60 x 84 and Super Single 48 x 84. Just click the size when order for pricing.
Below is more info on all of the items included is this waterbed mattress bundle.
Technical info-
80% Semi Wave-less Mattress
Reinforced corners provide durability and the corners helps keep the sheets in place.
• Heavy duty black vinyl. Best quality available. 
• Over-cut vinyl to release pressure on the seams and increase comfort.
• L Corner construction.
• Seam on the bottom of the water mattress is recessed 2 inches.
• Trimilate Dura Heat black bottom for heat transfer.

• 3 layers of super soft fiber specially engineered for comfort.
• Fiber is connected together to helps prevent shifting.
• Lifetime Limited Warranty.
• United States Water Mattress has been manufacturing in the U.S. for over 4 decades. 
Stand Up Safety Liner
. A Waterbed liner is a very important part of your waterbed encase you get a puncture or water spillage.
. This liner is a stand up liner which makes it easier to install your mattress and it will stand up on all sides.
. Made in China

325 Watt Waterbed Heater

5 Year Warranty.
Heater Control & Heater Pad is included.

  • This heater is for hardside and deep fill softside waterbeds.
  • Very reliable and it is one of our best sellers.
  • Very Easy To Use.
  • Easy To Install.
  • Made In Sweden.  

Fill Kit with Conditioner
* Fill kit has the attachments to hook your hose to most sinks and to your mattress for easy filling. 
  • Conditioner help prevent algae/bacteria build up.
  • You will notice less air build up in your mattress when using waterbed conditioner and you should add 4oz every six months.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Aqua Fusion manufactures quality products in the U.S. for over 35 years.  

  • Also check out one of the latest innovation for your wood-frame waterbed. You will be amazed with the benefits our zipper mattress covers provide and the increased comfort you feel while you rest. Click here to learn more ~Mattress Covers for Hard-side, Wood-frame or Hollywood Waterbeds~.

    We have this mattress package in stock and ready to ship.
    S/H cost is included for the 48 Cont U.S. States.
    If you are located outside the 48 states please email for s/h cost.
    If you have any questions feel free to email or call 1800 205 8003.

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