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Hardside Waterbed Heater Calesco 325 watt Hard Side

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Waterbed Heater Hardside
Waterbed Heater HardsideHardside Waterbed HeaterThe Calesco 325 watt heater has proven to be one of the most reliable heaters. Calesco not only does waterbed heaters they may have also made the parts for your heated mirrors and seats in your car. We ship this item normally from New York.This heater has a very easy to use control so you can adjust the temperature. It also has a little red laser light which comes on when the heater is on. This heater normally ship quickly from New York post office priority.
MSRP: $99.00
Price: $84.71
You Save: $14.29 (14 %)
In stock for fast service.
Manufacturer: Calesco
Manufacturer Part No: WB6405
Condition: New
This item is in stock and it usually ships with in one business day


Need to add Waterbed Conditioners to your order?
Fast & Easy way to drain your waterbed!
Always good to have a Vinyl Patch Kit handy.
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325 Watt Calesco Hardside Waterbed Heater
This is the best waterbed heater available and includes:
5 Year Warranty 
Heater Control & Heater Pad is included
  • This heater is for hardside and deep fill softside waterbeds.
  • Very reliable and it is one of our best sellers.
  • FAST SHIPPING included for the 50 U.S. States
  • Very Easy To Use
  • Easy To Install
    Technical Data:
Type: NEW Hardside & Deep Fill Softside Waterbed Heater
Rating: 325 Watts--Stronger than most brands
Dimension: Heating Pad --11.8x24“
Temperature Control: Electronic
Power supply: 120 V AC, 60 Hz--Works with U.S. Canada outlets--
Heating Circuit: Etched Copper foil. US Patent No. 4,908,497
Element Insulation: Double insulated, with an outer sheath of water tight, Polyester tested to UL 1445 by independent test authority.
Power Cord & Plug: Integrally moulded. Watertight. Tested for tensile strength. *Plug Is designed for U.S. Outlets.* It will not work with European outlets or other Countries with different voltage than the U.S.. If you need a heater for 220/240 voltage for Europe or elsewhere.
Over Heat Protection Automatic protector incorporated in the element.
Cord length: 5.9 ft + 4.9 ft
Warranty: 5 years.
Temperature Control: Electronic thermostat with thermistor transducer.
Enclosure Material: Fire resistant plastic.
Temperature Range: 70ºF - 100 ºF
Temperature variation at PVC mattress: Electronic thermostat ± 1ºF at normal comfort room temperature.

When buying a water bed heater you should measure the depth of the cavity in your bed. Most hard side water beds are 9 inches deep and most deep fill softsides beds are 7-9 inches in depth. This heater is designed for Hardside or Soft side waterbeds that have a cavity 7 inches or deeper in depth. If your bed has a cavity less than 7 inches deep we have a different heater for that type of water bed which is a low watt heater or a soft side heater (please click on our softside heaters if needed).

Keep in mind, if you have a waterbed with a single bladder you would just one heater but if you have two separate bladders then you would need to use two heaters.

Note: Since you are looking to purchase or replace your heater is the best time to learn more about one of our most popular, best selling items for your type of wood frame waterbed, click below:

Our Mattress Covers are one of the latest innovations with amazing benefits that will leave you asking yourself, "Why haven't I added this to my waterbed before?"

Here are some benefits of adding a Mattress Cover to your waterbed:
  • These covers provide protection to your water mattress from punctures and it will prolong the life of your waterbed mattress.
  • The cover will insulate the mattress and prolong the life of your heating system due to it not turning on and off as frequently, this will also SAVE you $$$ MONEY $$$ on energy cost.
  • These covers will increase comfort and air circulation allowing you to have a more comfortable sleep.
  • The added support our covers provide will make it easier for you to get in and out of bed.

If any questions please feel free to contact us directly

S/H cost is included for the 50 U. S. States
If you are Located out-side the 50 U.S. States 
Please email your location for S/H costs.

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