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Caring for your mattress cover

Softside Waterbeds

If you are looking for a new mattress or a complete bed the you should consider a softside waterbed because they are extremely comfortable.
These bed are nothing like the waterbeds from the 70's or 80's and they look just like a regular bed. Softsided waterbeds are compatible to most bedroom sets just like a regular bed.  
   Our most popular softsided waterbeds have either an organic cotton or bamboo pillowtop or Euro top.. These luxurious covers are designed to increase air circulation while adding a very soft layer between you and the water mattress. The most popular water bladders are waveless with mid body support which will let you sink into the mattress more level while providing you with excellent blood circulation. We also have dual bladders which have dual heaters for individual heating and you when you get in and out of bed you will not be disturbing your neighbor.
      So with our softside waterbed your body will be on a very breathable surface and probably more level than any mattress you ever had with excellent blood circulation. All this equals extreme comfort and just so you know we sell nearly every other type of mattress including air, spring, memory foam, latex and when it comes to comfort our deep fill softside waterbeds have it all because we hand picked the materials and the manufactures built these mattresses the way that we felt was the most comfortable. We did not cut any corners nor did we accept what everyone else is selling because when it comes to your rest which is normally 5-10 hours a day everyday you might as well invest your time to find the best mattress for you.

If you have any questions feel free to email or give us call so we can help you find the mattress that is perfect for you. 1800 205 8003.
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Waterbed Access Inc. 
King soft side waterbeds with many choices Euro tops, Pillow tops or Quilted tops. The outer material on our high end models have either organic cotton or bamboo quilts. You also have the many choices of water supports.
We have a full line of queen size softside waterbeds. We have Euro tops, Pillow tops and Quilted tops. You also have the choice of many different softside water support. We can help find the best softside for you. Just give us a call 1800 205 8003
Softside waterbeds are very comfortable & come in regular full size. We have softsided waterbeds with Euro tops, Pillow tops and Quilted tops. Our nicest softside has a cover that is made with either cotton or bamboo. Fast Shiopping for New York.
We have a full line of very comfortable twin and single size softside waterbeds and soft side water bed mattresses
Softside waterbeds are designed for extreme comfort. For info on twin size call 1800 205 8003. You have the choice of our Euro tops, Pillow tops and Quilted tops which are all very comfortable with outer quilts made with either organic cotton or bamboo.
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