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Caring for your mattress cover
Aqua Fusion Waterbed Products
Aqua Fusion waterbed conditioner, vinyl cleaner and patch kit

This is your preventive maintenance against algae/bacteria build up.
  1. You will notice less air build up in your mattress.
  2. Works on all Hardside and Softside waterbed mattresses with one or two bladders
  3. We also have Aqua Fusion Conditioner Tablets for Tube Waterbed mattresses
  4. Conditioner will help prevent the vinyl from drying and getting hard which could lead to cracks and seam splits.
  5. Made in the USA
  6. Aqua Fusion has been manufacturing quality products in the U.S. for over 35 years.
  7. We ship this out normally with the U.S. post office with in one business day
  8. At our low prices there is no reason to settle for less.
We also have Aqua Fusion multi purpose vinyl cleaner which will not only clean the vinyl top on that classic car in your garage but more importantly it will keep the surface of your waterbed mattress clean from oils and salt build up which our bodies give off.  If you get a pin hole in your water mattress or any vinyl product such as the blow up pool rafts and vinyl air mattress then we have that in stock also. Aqua Fusion is over thirty five years old and they are a U.S. manufacture. 

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