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California King LS6300 95% Waveless Waterbed Mattress with Fill Kit

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California King size LS6300 Waveless Waterbed Mattress
California King size LS6300 Waveless Waterbed MattressThe waterbed fill kit is made by Aqua Fusion and it is made in the United States. This fill kit will make it easier to fill your new queen size softside waterbed mattress. This fill kit will be shipped with the rest of the waterbed from Yonkers New York.
MSRP: $399.00
Price: $297.71
You Save: $101.29 (25 %)
Normally ships in one business day
Manufacturer: Innomax
Manufacturer Part No: CK6300
Condition: New
In stock and ships from New York.
free shipping
California King LS6300 95% Waveless Waterbed Mattress with Fill Kit
The LS6300 is manufacture with one of the best quality outer vinyl shells and it is also designed to give your body excellent blood circulation while your body sinks into the mattress more level than most mattresses. This will give you excellent body alignment while you rest into a deep sleep. It has only 2-4 seconds of slow movement.
Technical Info:
  • Brilliant moon phase blue medically inspired high molecular, I-Flex, pearlized vinyl with premium grade plasticizers for long lasting suppleness & mattress life.
  • Exclusive newly fashioned vacuum formed Orbital Support™ top offering low tension, 4-way omni-support - simulating the effects of weighlessness by keeping both mattress and body in balance within a fluid environment.
  • Revolutionary seamless triple reinforced corners offering you the confidence of safety and durability.
  • Multi-zoned and generously overcut top allows for perfect harmony in nearly perfect posturized sleeping space for each sleeper while offering unprecedented individualized comfort.
  • Recessed energy transferring bottom panel placed a world away from stressing and flexing associated with most of the mattresses on the market today.
  • Hydro-lift enhanced re-energizing body support design for spinal boosting alignment and body renewing sleep, also for easy in & out accessibility.
  • Thicker vinyl, edge-to-edge fiber rich design, 4-way hook & eyelet tether system, second stage air release valve and much more... - rounding out this new standard in flotation refinement!
  • The InnoMax Luxury Support Comfort System watermattress line is produced, designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

6 Full Body Enhanced Fiber Support Layers, Plus 3 Additional Enhanced Mid-Body Support Layers.
The InnoMax Hydrodynamic Sleep Mattress Simulates The Effects of Weightlessness By Keeping Both Mattress & Body In Balance Within A Fluid Environment.
Constructed Exclusively of High Molecular, Specially Formulated, I-Flex Vinyl with Premium Grade Plasticizers For Long Lasting Suppleness, Flexibility and Longer Mattress Life.
Crafted with Heater Compatible Trimilitate Black Vinyl Bottom For Heater Pad Compatibility and Efficient Heat Transfer.
Designed with Recessed Seams On The Bottom, Minimizing Seam Stress & Maximizing Durability.
Ultra Premium Pearlized, Dynamic Radial Top with Omni-Directional Overcut Vinyl.
Tri-Sectional, Multi-Zoned, Vacuum Formed, Body Profile Support Top Promotes Proper Body Alignment.
Hydro Lift Power Support Adds Interactive Support Where The Body Needs It Most.
Tri-Guard, Sure-Grip, Triple Strength Laminated Seamless Corners.
Generously Overcut, Radial, Lower Tension Support Top Allows For Each Sleeper To Enjoy Pressure Free Support Without Disrupting Each Other.
Enhanced Mid-Body Support Provides Superior Support Where The Body Needs It Most.
Easy Care, Two Stage, Fill and Air Release Valve System.
Rugged 4-Way Hook & Eyelet Tethering Eliminates Fiber Shifting For Consistent Reliability.
Designed and Manufactured By InnoMax® U.S.A. - Established In 1975, InnoMax Has Provided Almost 4 Decades of Dedication To Product Excellence.
Most people use their mattress 5-10 hours every day. So why not buy the best.
Also check out luxurious zipper cover which you can put this mattress inside of.
S/h cost is included for the 48cont U.S. States
If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 1800 205 8003 or Click contact us at the top of the page.

Also check out one of the latest innovation for your wood-frame waterbed. You will be amazed with the benefits our zipper mattress covers provide and the increased comfort you feel while you rest. Click here to learn more ~Mattress Covers for Hard-side, Wood-frame or Hollywood Waterbeds~.

If you are Located out-side the 48 U.S. States 
Please email your location for S/H costs.
We Ship world wide.
If you are located outside the
48 U.S. States please email for s/h cost

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