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Caring for your mattress cover
Waterbed Access, Inc. has been servicing the Waterbed Community for more than 20 years. We carry all types of waterbeds and water bed accessories.
We specialize in all  waterbed products from hardside waterbeds to softside waterbeds.
Our zipper mattress covers for both hard side water beds and soft side water beds have been very popular as they provide so many benefits:

Benefits of a Mattress Cover 

  • Helps Protect the water mattress from punctures
  • Prolongs the life of your water mattress
  • Cover insulates your  waterbed mattress: That means your waterbed heating system will not turn on/off as much. Therefore your waterbed heater should have a longer life and that will also SAVE YOU $$$$ in your Electric Bill.
  • Your waterbed mattress will feel more Plush and Comfortable
  • The zippered mattress cover lets air circulate between you and the water mattress which WILL PROVIDE A HEALTHIER NIGHT SLEEP
  • Mattress cover provides support; Which will increase comfort.
  • Better Support-Makes it easier to get in and out of the waterbed

Mattress Cover Features 

  • Mattress Cover Safety Vinyl Liner: Some zippered mattress covers comes with a Safety liner; Which will catch water do to a spill or puncture.
  • Some covers have a two way self-mending zipper: which is a quality zipper for years of service and this type of zipper makes it easier to open and close the cover which similar to a suite case
  • High quality stitching that will last for years.
  • Mattress covers do not take the place of a mattress pad. You should still use a quality mattress pad under your sheets just like on any mattress. We have 100% cotton mattress pad in our linen category.
To learn more of Mattress Covers click one of these links: Mattress Covers for Softside Waterbeds    Mattress Covers for Hardside Waterbeds
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