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Hardside Waterbed Mattresses & Liners

Waveless, semi-waveless, and free flow are the three types of waterbed mattresses available on the market. The main differences between these types are the level of motion transfer, support, and overall feel. Here is a brief overview of each type:

  1. Waveless Waterbed Mattresses: These mattresses are designed to minimize motion transfer, making them ideal for couples who share a bed. They feature layers of fiber or foam to reduce the water movement, and can be classified as 1, 2, or 3 waveless, depending on the degree of motion isolation. Waveless waterbed mattresses provide excellent support, and are great for people who suffer from back or joint pain.

  2. Semi-Waveless Waterbed Mattresses: Semi-waveless mattresses offer a moderate level of motion transfer reduction. They have fewer fiber or foam layers compared to waveless models, but still provide some support and comfort. Semi-waveless waterbed mattresses are a good choice for those who want a balance between motion isolation and waterbed feel.

  3. Free Flow Waterbed Mattresses: Free flow mattresses have no fiber or foam layers, allowing the water to move freely. They provide the traditional waterbed feel, but have poor motion isolation, making them less suitable for couples. Free flow waterbed mattresses are typically the least expensive option, and are best suited for people who prefer a soft, bouncy surface.

Our most popular waveless mattresses are 90 & 95% waveless also our semi wave and free flow are popular if you want a lot of movement.

Overall, the choice between waveless, semi-waveless, and free flow waterbed mattresses depends on personal preferences and needs. Waveless and semi-waveless mattresses are better for those who want to minimize motion transfer and need extra support, while free flow mattresses are more suitable for those who want a traditional waterbed feel at a lower cost.

free flow, semi wave and waveless waterbed mattress and liners for hardside water beds
If your looking for a new california king waterbed mattress and liner for your hardside waterbed and want the lowest price but still want the best quality waterbed mattress then you will find here at Waterbed Access 1800 205 8003.
We have a full line of hardside waterbed mattress and liner. We also have free flow and many semi wave water mattresses. Also if you were looking for a waveless mattress we have 90%, 95% and 100% waveless waterbed mattress for queen wood frame waterbeds.
We have a full line of Queen 60x84 hardside waterbed mattresses and liners. We free flow and semi wave mattresses. We also have many waveless mattresses with mid body support which will keep your body more level. We have low prices and fast service.
Super Single waterbed mattresses and liner. We have free flow and semi wave mattress in stock at the lowest prices and we have ship fast.
We have a full line of super single hard side water bed mattresses and liners. We have four of the top brands available. If you are looking for a free flow or a semi wavless mattress we have many choices. We also have many waveless mattresses in stock.
Waterbed mattress packages and kit for california king, queen and super single waterbeds
We have many waterbed mattress packages available. Packages may include the mattress, liner, heater and zipper covers along with fill kits and waterbed conditioner. If you have any questions feel free to email or call 1800 205 8003
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Waterbed Padded Rails for hardside waterbeds. Padded Cap Rails for California king, queen or super single
Waterbed Padded Rails 3pc Standard
Price: $195.71
Waterbed Padded Rails 3pc Standard
Waterbed Padded Rails for hardside waterbeds makes it easier to get in & out of a wood frame bed. Gives your waterbed a great look. The 3 piece standard Padded Cap Rails come in all solid color in vinyl material. For California king, queen & super single.
free shipping
80% Waveless Mattress With Contour Lumbar Support
MSRP: $300.00
Price: $267.71
You Save: $32.29 (11 %)
80% Waveless Mattress With Contour Lumbar Support
This Hardside Waterbed Mattress is 80% Waveless * 6- 7seconds of movement * w/ Contour Back Support * Super comfortable * 24 Mil vinyl with Extra Wide Corners * Prorated year warranty Fits a wood frame or Hollywood waterbed
free shipping
If you were looking for a quality waterbed mattress with a low amount of movement then this is an excellent choice for you. It has contour back support which is designed to let you sink into the mattress more level while contouring to your body.
95% Waveless Mattress with Contour Back Support
MSRP: $359.00
Price: $299.71
You Save: $59.29 (17 %)
95% Waveless Mattress with Contour  Back Support
95% Waveless Mattress with Contour Back Support for Hardside waterbed. This waterbed mattress has about 3-4 seconds of movement & is super comfortable. Quality vinyl with Extra Wide Corners. 15 year warranty Fits a Woodframe or Hollywood waterbed.
free shipping
If it has come time to replace your waterbed mattress then this is going to be an excellent choice for your hardside waterbed. It is one of our best sellers because it is manufactured by one of the oldest waterbed maufactures & it is comfortable.
99% Waveless Waterbed Mattress
MSRP: $399.00
Price: $339.71
You Save: $59.29 (15 %)
99% Waveless Waterbed Mattress
99% Waveless Waterbed Mattress with contour back support On time shipping for shipping for 48 CONT. U.S. STATES For California King (72x84), Queen (60 x 84), Super Single (48 x 84) This 99% waveless is for woodframe or Hollywood size waterbeds.
free shipping
This cap and seal is for waterbed mattress, softside bladder and tubes. It is designed plug the valve and then cap screws on.
Cap & Plug for Hardside Waterbed Mattresses, Softside Bladders & Tubes
Price: $13.71
Cap & Plug for Hardside Waterbed Mattresses, Softside Bladders & Tubes
Cap & Plug fits valve for king, Queen, Twin & Super Single Hardside Waterbeds & Softside Water beds, Bladders, Mattresses & Tubes. We have this cap and seal in stock. Order this accessory to have handy just in case you loose or miss place yours.
free shipping
Free Flow Waterbed Mattress w/ 2000 Zipper Cover, Heater, Liner & Fill Kit
Price: $479.71
Free Flow Waterbed Mattress w/ 2000 Zipper Cover, Heater, Liner & Fill Kit
Waterbed Mattress set includes (Free Flow) Full Wave Mattress, 2000 Zipper Waterbed Cover, Solid State Heating System, Safety Liner & Fill Kit W/ Conditioner. Best Price!For Woodframe, Hardside, Hollywood Frame Waterbed. Complete waterbed ships from NY
free shipping
If you need a quality water pump to drain or move any body of water or if you need to drain a waterbed mattress then our utility pump will be perfect for any job.
Utility Pump for draining waveless & free flow waterbed mattress
MSRP: $100.00
Price: $87.71
You Save: $12.29 (12 %)
Utility Pump for draining waveless & free flow waterbed mattress
Utility Waterbed Pump perfect for water transfer & draining all size waterbeds. Pumps 360 Gallons p/hr. Will pump drain your waterbed mattress fast & easy. Electric water pump works w/ standard size hoses. FAST SHIPPING from NY, New York.
free shipping

A waterbed liner is an important component of a waterbed and serves several important functions. Here are some reasons why you should have a waterbed liner on a waterbed:

  1. Protects the mattress: A waterbed liner acts as a protective layer between the mattress and the bed frame. If you were to get a leak or puncture water would normally enter the liner first which give you time to act on the pucture or leak. It helps prevent the mattress from being punctured or torn by the bed frame, which can cause water leakage and damage the mattress. 

  2. Helps prevent mold and mildew: A waterbed liner also prevents mold and mildew from forming on the mattress. Moisture can accumulate between the mattress and the bed frame, creating the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. A waterbed liner prevents moisture from reaching the mattress, keeping it dry and preventing mold and mildew.

  3. Makes cleaning easier: A waterbed liner makes cleaning the mattress much easier. If any spills or leaks occur, the liner can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. Without a liner, spills can seep into the mattress and become difficult to clean.

  4. Increases mattress lifespan: By protecting the mattress from damage, mold, and mildew, a waterbed liner can increase the lifespan of the mattress, saving you money in the long run.

    Overall, having a waterbed liner is essential for protecting your investment in a waterbed and ensuring its longevity.

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